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Strategic Harvest and Transportation Plans Benefit Our Clients
Wes Bieber of Weyerhaeuser Canada wrote, "FEI has been a valuable resource for Weyerhaeuser Canada, Vavenby Division, since 1993…

FEI has supplied or assisted Weyerhaeuser with:

  1. 46,500 hectars of engineering plans in mylar, digital, and aerial photograph formats,
  2. reliable processes for establishing these plans on the ground,
  3. reliable processes for managing data that is acquired during the development of cutting permits with these plans, and
  4. understanding road, landing, and cable yarding challenges.

Benefits listed to the Vavenby Division include:

  1. roads are located in the right place for productive logging and hauling operations,
  2. roads (considered to be the largest environmental impact to industrial operations in the forest) are minimized,
  3. logging contractors benefit from productive and safe layout,
  4. plans are generally understandable and defendable,
  5. other resource values/features are easily planned for up front in the planning process,
  6. plan approvals are much faster as plan reviewers have confidence in the landscape planning process,
  7. field time is being spent more effectively by both company and consultant crews, and
  8. morale of field crews is much higher as they are given effective tools to work with."

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