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Strategic Planning -
Every year Forest Engineering Inc. designs and implements strategic plans for tens of thousands of hectares of forested land.  A strategic plan guides the development of forest activities similar to a blue-print guiding the building of a house.  A strategic plan shows the harvest and transportation systems to be used and how these fit together to minimize cost, maintain safety and reduce impacts to the soil, water, wildlife, and other forest resources and values.  Strategic plans developed by Forest Engineering Inc. are designed to be implemented on the ground.  We call our plans a "Working Tool" in that they are a "Tool" designed to guide the "Work" of field crews similar to carpenters being guided by a blue-print.  Time and money is saved and a better job is realized when critical areas get the attention they require while simple areas receive less effort.  A well-designed strategic plan implemented in the field allows forest managers to make sound decisions based upon accurate information.
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