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From developing complex harvest plans in the mountains of western Canada to the implementation of skyline systems in the rain forests of Indonesia,  Forest Engineering Inc. is involved in many engineering projects throughout the world.

Strategic Harvest and Transportation Planning - The Foundation of Forest Activities: Strategic harvest and transportation planning is the determination of how large areas will be accessed and harvested over time.
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Expert Witness Services: Forest Engineering Inc. continues to offer consultation and expert witness services related to the forest industry. Forest operations involving the injury of property or personnel are investigated, written reports generated, and expert testimony provided.
Strategic Harvest and Transportation Plans Benefit Our Clients: Wes Bieber of Weyerhaeuser Canada wrote, "FEI has been a valuable resource for Weyerhaeuser Canada, Vavenby Division, since 1993…
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Multispanning Old Growth Douglas Fir: A cable logging workshop and follow-up field investigation for the Hoopa Forest Industries in Hoopa, California led to successful multispanning in old growth Douglas fir.
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Cable System Used in Fish Ladder Project: FEI designed and engineered a cable system to assist Triad Mechanical on a fisheries project at Willamette Falls in Oregon City/West Linn, Oregon.
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Spar Tree Raised–Technique of the Past Used Today: A windstorm blew down available trees that Skeena Cellulose Ltd. in Terrace, British Columbia could use as a spar tree on a recent project. FEI’s Stephen Aulerich directed the raising of a spar tree to solve the problem.
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Russian Operations: FEI was contacted in 1996 to evaluate harvesting operations of Forest Starma in the Russian Far East located near Komsomolsk. From this initial involvement, FEI went on to develop a harvest and transportation plan for approximately 30,000 hectares of timberland.
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Strategic and Tactical Planning on 12,000 Hectare Area - Forest EngineeringInc. has developed several strategic plans or "Working Tools" for the Vavenby Division of Weyerhaeuser Canada. One such project consists of an 12,000 hectare area a couple hours north of Kamloops along British Columbia's scenic Yellowhead Highway.
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Indonesian Operations -Forest EngineeringInc. has been working with timber companies in Indonesia to improve logging and roading operations. Three distinctly different areas and conditions have confronted Forest Engineering Inc. engineers and loggers.
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