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The beginning of the official millennium, January 1, 2001, brought a major management change for FOREST ENGINEERING INC. Stephen Aulerich took over as the new President and will direct the company's future activities. Stephen is a forest engineering graduate and a Registered Professional Engineer in Washington and Oregon.

Stephen started working as a field engineer for FEI after graduating from Oregon State University in 1982. He has had many assignments, both domestic and international, and has worked on projects in Australia, Austria, Italy, Germany, Canada, Indonesia, Columbia, Switzerland, and Ecuador. He is the major designer of FEI's strategic engineering design methodology used extensively by FEI's clients.

Ed Aulerich, who founded the company in 1980, will continue with his present activities and does not foresee retiring in the near future.

Engineering Projects

FEI was very busy during 2000 working in the United States and abroad.

Engineering Design

Engineering design projects were completed or are in progress for the following organizations:

Forestry Tasmania
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Makah Tribal Forestry
Neah Bay, Washington, USA
Ministry of Forests
Queen Charlotte City, British Columbia, Canada
Weyerhaeuser Canada
Vavenby, British Columbia, Canada

Engineering consulting

Engineering consulting projects were also completed for the following companies:

Australian Paper Plantations
Morwell, Victoria, Australia
Canadian Forest Products Ltd.
Ft. Saint James, British Columbia, Canada
Fletcher Challenge Forests Ltd.
Rotorua, New Zealand
Skeena Cellulose Inc.
Terrace, British Columbia, Canada
Slocan Forest Products Ltd.
Slocan, British Columbia, Canada

Makah Project

In our last Newsletter we noted that several potential projects were in the works, including possible strategic engineering design for the Makah Reservation on the north end of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. A contract to provide a harvest and transportation design on approximately 3000 acres that encompassed the Neah Bay watershed was signed the latter part of 1999. Due to the early success of this engineering design, the project area was expanded to encompass the entire south half of the reservation for a total of 17,600 acres. Other ongoing projects include investigation and evaluation of several road problems and possible solutions.

Cable Logging, Unit Planning & Layout, and Basic Road Design Workshops

Workshops continue to be held, both in North America and abroad. In the training year of 1999-2000, nine 4-day workshops were held with a total of 125 people attending. So far in the 2000-2001 season, seven 4-day workshops have been held with a total of 89 persons attending.

In addition to the workshops held in Canada and the United States, workshops were conducted in Australia and New Zealand. In New Zealand, 80 percent of the participants came from large timber companies, 15 percent were loggers, and the remainder came from government agencies. In Australia, 53 percent were from government agencies, and the remainder came from private companies.

Forest Engineering Technical Institute

Craig Hahnal, NS KOMATSU PTY. LTD. - AUSTRALIA, attended a special session of our FOREST ENGINEERING TECHNICAL INSTITUTE during 2000. Craig, a graduate civil engineer and heavy equipment salesman, was being groomed to head up the cable systems sales program for his company in Australia and the South Pacific region. NS KOMATSU represents Madill (Thunderbird) products in that region.

Professional Logger Workshops

In the fall of 2000, FEI began offering 1-day workshops on the topics covered in the 4-day workshops with an expanded information base so that loggers could gain Professional Logger credits for Sustainable Forestry Initiative certification programs. Loggers are able to get credit for the 1-day workshops and the 4-day workshops. Topics that have gained the most interest are COST CONTROL and MULTI-SPANS. Since the inception of our Professional Logger Workshops, 50 loggers have attended one or more (76) workshops. Each 1-day workshop earns 8 Professional Logger Credits.

Presentations and Publications

Steve has given four presentations at technical meetings around the world in the last two years:

June 1999-Strategic harvest and transportation planning - the foundation of forest activities. FEG International Forestry Engineering Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland.

March 2000-Harvest systems and logging techniques for working around reparian management zones. Private Forest Forum, Summit 2000, Olympia, Washington.

September 2000-Commercial thinning with cable yarding systems. Council of Forest Engineering 23rd Annual Meeting, Kelowna, British Columbia.

September 2000-Raising a spar tree - technique of the past solves challenge of today. Council of Forest Engineering 23rd Annual Meeting, Kelowna, British Columbia.

Ed attended several meetings where he presented papers:

November 1999-Can forest engineers operate without GPS? Council on Forest Engineering 22nd Annual Meeting, Vicksburg, Mississippi.

August 2000-Engineering: a necessity for meeting economic and environmental goals in harvesting topical forests. XXI IUFRO World Congress, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

November 2000-Forest operations should be silviculturally acceptable and physically possible. Society of American Foresters Annual Meeting, Washington D.C.

February 2001-Forest harvest training - the Sumalindo project. International Conference on the Application of Reduced Impact Logging to Advance Sustainable Forest Management, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

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