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Since 1991 Forest Engineering Inc. has been working with timber companies in Indonesia to improve logging and roading operations.  Three distinctly different areas and conditions have confronted Forest Engineering Inc. engineers and loggers.

The first involvement was to assist Pt. Suryaraya Wahana in the development of a road network for a large Acacia Mangium plantation located northwest of Samarinda, East Kalimantan (Borneo).  The area is relatively flat with numerous swamps and sandy ridges.  This led to harvest system selection and testing of methods to use in thinnings and final harvest.  This project is ongoing at this date.

The second major effort has taken place in a very different terrain and timber type.  In the high mountains and rainy conditions of the upper Mahakam River drainage, cable logging is being used to selectively extract large Meranti from the dense jungle.  This system reduces road construction and increases production on the steep slopes.  The location is 600 kilometers west of Samarinda and north 150 kilometers across the Boh River. 
After an extensive training program on a small cable machine, a Koller K-300, a crew has been using a Thunderbird TTY-70 slackline yarder to log the native forests.  An increase in the engineering of the location, design and construction of forest roads has reduced the amount of required roads as well as harvesting costs.
The third area of operation for Forest Engineering Inc. is on the island of Sumatra, east of Singapore.  There our engineers are advising Pt. Indah Kiat on ways of harvesting peat swamps that are too wet to be logged with ground-based systems.  Investigations of different methods are ongoing at this time.

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