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This article reprinted with permission from BC Life, a Weyerhaeuser Canada publication.

Vavenby Timberlands Uses Forest Renewal Funds

From water buffalo to helicopters, Stephen Aulerich of Forest Engineering Incorporated has seen just about every way to move logs from the forest to the mill.  Right now, he's helping to train workers on a skyline logging system with Vavenby Timberlands.

"When we decided we were going to be using more skyline logging, we realized we needed to train someone.  We have a new logger up here who will be put into a lot of challenging scenarios -- selection logging, intermediate supports, that kind of thing," says Wes Bieber, forestry supervisor.  "Stephen is involved with on-site training of different skyline logging methods -- mainly geared toward safety".

Gord Bryan, owner and operator of Red Hot Forestry Services Ltd., says, "The most important things to have are good planning and organizational skills.  Because of all the setup work we do, it's important to plan ahead to help increase production."

"The training Stephen provides lets us operate safely and it helps me with my productivity because, when I set up, things run smoothly."

The skyline training going on in Vavenby is funded through Forest Renewal British Columbia (FRBC) -- a Crown corporation created in 1994.

Rod Willis, manager of forest renewal and operations, explains, "Weyerhaeuser pays a fee into the FRBC fund on top of the normal stumpage paid for using the wood on public land.  In return, we can propose projects to be funded from that FRBC pool.  Weyerhaeuser is currently working on $6 million worth of silviculture, inventory and research projects, approved-in-principle for 1996."

Alec Tully is the Regional Communication Officer for the Thompson Okanagan Region of Forest Renewal BC.  "Creating new forestry jobs and sustaining existing forest sector jobs are important objectives of workforce investments," Alec says.  "The skyline training presented a good opportunity for an investment because Weyerhaeuser indicated that cable logging will eventually account for over one third of the entire Vavenby logging operation.  That means there will be a demand for workers with those skills."

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